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Nicotine Shots

Brand: Just Vape LTD Model: E-LIQUID
Nicotine Shots are a great way to add Nicotine to your larger bottles. Simply use the table below to work out how many you will need for your E-Liquid.If you're using various shots to one bottle, we recommend using the mixing bottles linked below.How much Nicotine do I need?1 x 10ml 18mg Shot Required for 1.5mg - 100ml2 x 10ml 18mg Shots Required for 3mg - 100ml4 x 10ml 18mg Shots Required for 6mg - 100mlNOT TO BE VAPED NEAT. ALWAYS MIX BEFORE USE.Mixing Bottles are also available separately if you intend to add numerous nicotine shots. These can be found here;
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