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100ml Empty E-Liquid Bottle, perfect for mixing!..
100ml Empty Shortfill E-Liquid Bottle, perfect for mixing!..
This is a vinyl which can be applied to your vehicle to show your support for our company. Each of these professionally crafted stickers will also work on walls, desks, worktops, etc.Width measures 7 inches in length.This product contains two stickers, one website address and one social media tag.Please always read the instructions prior to applying this application.Suitable for Vehicle bodywork & Glass windows: cars / motorbikes / caravansCould also be used on: helmets / laptops / Picture Frames And most other smooth, flat, non porous surfaces: Painted metal / plastic, etc- Fitting Instructions -Prepare your work surface properly, ensure it is spotless for the best adhesion.Clean the surface area with only water - avoid washing up liquid, etc.Remove backing paper from the sticker, leaving the sticker on the clear application tape.Apply your sticker to the surface, rub over firmly to ensure it's stuck on well.Carefully remove the clear tape from the sticker, leaving your new sticker applied on your surface...
Brand: Smok Model: GLASS
Increase the capacity of your Smok TFV12 Baby Prince to 4.5mlLess time filling means more time vaping!..
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